Basic Web Design Idea

Basic IdeaHaving watched ‘Bladerunner’ a few weeks ago, I have recently thought about how the technology we produce reflects our basic human nature. For instance in Bladerunner, whilst Tyrell has subverted the role of God in his scientific endeavours, Roy’s ironic murder of his “maker” is an ironic reflection of Tyrell’s very actions. The replicants’ endeavours to transcend their creator mirror humanity’s use of technology – the modernists in particular – to subvert God.

Thus, for my Web Design Idea, I wanted to deconstruct  a social networking website -a human creation- to question, is our identity defined by how we present ourselves?

By using Facebook -the world’s most popular social networking website –  I strive to force the user to think about their own facebook accounts, and ultimately, their own identities. Moreover, by creating a satirical simulation of facebook, I aim to compel the viewer to question the effectiveness of social networking websites in presenting identity profiles on a profound level.

User-login box = how we present ourselves

Password box  = the part of ourselves we choose to hide from others

By swapping the password asterisk text with the normal text for the username log-in, I want to suggest that perhaps our true identity lies in what we choose to hide about ourselves rather than what we choose to show.

Furthermore, I deconstructed the title of the website itself.

Face = how we present ourselves, physical representation of our identity

Book = connotations of information…who we are, our personal details

I plan to deconstruct profiles for the next few pages of the website, swapping the placement of the profile pictures (how we choose to present ourselves) with our contact information (who we really are) on the facebook page to further investigate the duality of who we are vs how we present ourselves.

The website will be non-narratative as the user will have to click buttons like ‘login’ or ‘home’ on  the page to open the next page. Yet simultaneously, the website will be narratative in that it has a set sequence of pages that each button leads to.