Twitter – comparing social networking sites

Website: Twitter

Twitter is an interesting social networking site, as its primary focus is microblogging. Twitter does not focus on the expression of identity; rather, it focuses on one of the aspects that defines an individual – their thoughts and opinions. Like ‘Facebook Posts’ and unlike ‘MySpace Blogs’, Twitter gives users the opportunity to express their opinions and thoughts in a quick short message. The tweeting function suggests that the primary factor that defines who we are, is the way we think.

While the website has a strong focus on presenting one aspect of who we are, I think that the ‘retweeting’ function contradicts the purpose of the site. While it is important to deal with the inevitability that any two people around the world are going to share thoughts about a particular matter, does re-publishing or re-using someone else’s thoughts or opinions on a page suppress individual expression? While I think that reposting someone else’s thoughts word-for-word on your page contradicts the focus of the site, I do not think it eliminates the uniqueness of each individual, as in the real world beyond the internet, it is inevitable that people are going to have similarities in different aspects of who they are such as the way they look , their favourite colour, similarĀ opinions on a matter…but it is the combination of all these different aspects that form an individual and distinguish one from the other.

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