Harnessing technology to create ‘things that would otherwise would be impossible’.

This idea of taking art beyond the canvas is explored in ‘The Future of Art’ as we are introduced to the ‘technological solution’. Accessing the internet for my social networking or research related needs; I never considered the use of the internet as an artistic medium of self expression. Thus, I was amazed by the ways in which the many interviewed artists had harnessed technology to create “things that otherwise would be impossible”.

While I was watching the film, I thought about the sense of invincibility the internet provides to the user, and how it would encourage people to exploit this benefit with ‘over the top’ ideas. Yet, can one objectively use the term ‘over the top’ in the world of artistic expression? The short film ‘The Future of Art’ answers this very question through Koblin’s assertion that the internet “lets us create our own limitations” which are “generally more meaningful”. Indeed in some instances, being forced to set our own limitations drives us to evaluate the purpose of the work on a more profound level. Yet, there are always going to be a few occasions in which the artist gets lost in the technology, and essentially, lost in the concept of their work.

One of the interviewees explores this issue as she claims that artists often get sidetracked by the complexity of the technology with which they are working and lose sight of their vision. She claims that there “has to be a reason why [the] technology is being used to somehow support or enhance the meaning or beauty of what you’re making”.

Yet, despite such minor disadvantages, I can only respond optimistically to the use of technology in art as I realise that ‘the future of art’ is indeed a path of creative invincibility. Further emphasising  such artistic freedom is how we could “throw away something that could have taken weeks to make without feeling any sense of investment and start anew”. Certainly, the use of the ‘undo tool’ and the intangible nature of the internet are integral to web-art, for in my opinion, it is these two features of the internet that renders the web-artist invincible.

What I found particularly interesting in the video “The Future of Art” is Gabrielle Shalom’s work, which involved splashing buckets of paint on the street. The colourful trails formed as buses, cars and trucks drove through the street compelled me to realise that art is not merely limited to the frame of a canvas. Ultimately, this artwork suggests that art is the expression of emotion and experience and Shalom’s simple idea of spilling paint on streets allows the responder to share her experience and gain an insight into her vision of “making the world a better place”.


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