Using Dreamweaver,Flash and Photoshop

note: please click on each image to view animated gif

For today’s assessment in web art and design, we were given a set of  images to create our own 3 page website. The greatest difficulty I faced when creating this 3 page website was not the technical side of it. Rather, it was the concept that was difficult to grasp with the creation of this website, as the images we were supposed to use were very random and different.

After much thought, my website has a very bizarre narrative, but I hope that it succeeds in tying the three pages together. I decided to call the website ‘the human story’, and using the given images of a television screen, a boy and a dog, I decided to reverse evolution. In contrast to the theory of evolution where we have evolved from animals and have been the ‘fittest to survive’, my bizarre website traces the path of humans in televisions progressing into a dog.

The animated clocks I included in the website suggests the reversal of this timeline, and are a consistent symbol throughout the website pages, establishing a sense of coherence throughout the website.

–  The first page includes a boy  in a television screen, which foreshadows a future where technology and humanity have become one.

–  The second page features the same boy outside the television screen. However, the animation of the boy reveals his face turning into a dog’s face – a human-to-animal transition.

–  The third page, at first, is revealed to be completely black, but as the user moves his/her mouse over the black background, a rollover image of an animated dog appears, where the dog’s face gets angrier with each frame – a symbol of a more primitive or wild existence.


Basic Idea – Feedback

The feedback I received from a classmate was very insightful. I actually feel really bad, because she gave so much useful, important feedback while I barely wrote half as much as she did for her idea!

These were her points:

  • strong connection to the theme of identity
  • I like how it takes the format of facebook but alters it, making the viewer question their perception of social networking
  • I also thought your idea of switching the password and the email was a clever way of implying what we choose not to share is where our true identities lie
  • I think that allowing the user to interact with the site, such as clicking links, could help strengthen the feeling of ‘choice’. For example, we choose how we represent ourselves through technology.
  • Things to consider…where are you going to get all the images? Your friends or random people? How closely do you want your site to resemble a real profile? I think both options would be interesting: really deconstructed or just a twist?

Work in Class

Today we experimented with different photoshop tools, trying to capture motion and shadows to create anachronisms such as a military tank in a living room. Here is what I produced.

Identity Concept

Lately, I have thought a lot about the concept of my website, and I have chosen to explore the Identity. More specifically, I want to explore the conflict between who we are vs how we represent ourselves. I have devised a mind map to help me think about identity more clearly.