are we limited by facebook’s profile template?

Today I thought about facebook profile templates. Facebook is focused on connecting people by presenting profiles of who they are. However, can our identity be presented effectively when it is limited to facebook’s set features?

Facebook gives us the opportunity to present ourselves through the following features:

  • profile pictures
  • profile information
  • wall
  • friends
  • mutual friends
  • photos you’ve been tagged in
  • videos you’ve been tagged in
  • notes
  • posts
  • facebook groups
  • questions (polls)
Are  these features effective in presenting identities? Or does it limit the user and suppress individual expression? This is something else that I want to question through my satirical simulation of facebook – perhaps I can subtly add a new absurd feature to this list of facebook functions – or perhaps I could simply swap these features around and use the individual’s ‘profile pictures’ for the ‘friends’ list and confuse the user and question whether someone’s list of facebook friends is an expression of who they are.

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