Exploring Shinto beliefs that all objects and organisms have spirits, Sayaka Ganz’s work compels us to question our initial perception of everyday objects. Through the uniformity of the colours used for each horse , the responder initially identifies the work as a cantering horse. However, upon closer inspection, we realise that these horses are made up of everyday objects. Thus we are forced to perceive the work differently and appreciate the work on a different level.

It is this multi-faceted nature of Ganz’s work, that I find interesting.  When the user comes across my website, I want them to intially think that the page is facebook’s log-in page as they know it. Yet, as they are led through to the following pages with different elements re-positioned on the page, I want their initial bewilderement and confusion to be replaced by an realisation that this site is, in fact, a satirical simulation of facebook, questioning its effectiveness in portraying identitites.


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