Deconstructing a well-known website

Today I came across a web work that initially simulates and subsequently subverts Google called ‘Google Gravity’. From what I have learnt this semester in Web Art and Design, I think that it uses Adobe Flash very effectively. At first, this site simply appears to be Google, but after moving your mouse and dragging the items around, the Google page we all know so well crashes and ‘gravity’ takes its toll. What I think makes this page so powerful is the fact that they chose to deconstruct Google of all websites. Google and Facebook are two internet giants known for their efficiency and reliability as websites – they barely face any problems or issues, making them so popular on the net by users.

My final website explores a similar concept to ‘Google Gravity’ as it deconstructs a website we all know so well and use so often. Like Google Gravity, my website will initially appear to be facebook, but after the user clicks log in, elements of the site will change, surprising and confusing the user.

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