MySpace- comparing social networking sites

How does the profile template of MySpace limit the extent to which each individual presents themselves?

Website 2: MySpace

profile features:

  • profile picture
  • information
  • music (music player and bands)
  • friends
  • badges
  • streams
  • skins (profile customisation)
  • blogs
  • moods
Like Bebo, MySpace affords a more expansive profile template for individual expression. The site gives users the opportunity to creatively customise their profiles and add music players that play  (or impose on the visitor) the user’s chosen music while on the page. Furthermore, the site gives the user the opportunity to express their ‘mood’ by choosing through a list of emoticons. Does the given list of emoticons cater for every mood one can feel? I think it is interesting how the internet has reduced an array of human emotions to a set list of yellow circles with dots.
While Facebook and Bebo have ‘posts’ – a short message to quickly express your thoughts to your friends- MySpace has a ‘blog’ feature that allows the individual to write longer comments, thereby inviting the individual to express themselves on a more profound level.

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