Basic Idea – Feedback

The feedback I received from a classmate was very insightful. I actually feel really bad, because she gave so much useful, important feedback while I barely wrote half as much as she did for her idea!

These were her points:

  • strong connection to the theme of identity
  • I like how it takes the format of facebook but alters it, making the viewer question their perception of social networking
  • I also thought your idea of switching the password and the email was a clever way of implying what we choose not to share is where our true identities lie
  • I think that allowing the user to interact with the site, such as clicking links, could help strengthen the feeling of ‘choice’. For example, we choose how we represent ourselves through technology.
  • Things to consider…where are you going to get all the images? Your friends or random people? How closely do you want your site to resemble a real profile? I think both options would be interesting: really deconstructed or just a twist?

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