Learning about Narrative and Non Narrative

Last lesson, I learnt about narrative and non-narrative websites.

A narrative website has a storyline ie. a website based on an animation, whereas a non-narrative website allows the user to explore and navigate through the website themselves.

We had a look at some examples of narrative and non narrative websites and one of the more interesting ones

was http://www.requiemforadream.com/. To be honest, I still don’t know whether this website is narrative or non-narrative, as the page has a set journey, however the journey depends on the user’s decision to click ‘accept prize’, or ‘lose weight’ etc.

I like the satirical approach of this website. Simulating web advertisements, the website forces the user to click on the a ‘advertisement’, which leads you to yet another advertisement. The simulation of the web ad is so convincing, that I was initially hesitant to click on the pa


Whether this website is classified as a narrative or non-narrative website, I am going to take a similar approach to my web design, simulating a real internet website and forcing the user to click ‘log in’ or ‘search’ which will inevitably lead them to the next page. Thus, the website will be ‘narrative’ in that, it has a set sequence of pages. However, it is non-narrative because this ‘set sequence of pages’ can only be viewed by the user’s choice to click.


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