I came across this postcard advertisement today and thought it was just asking to be blogged. Can an advertisement relate to web design and art any more than this? While we’re supposed to choose either identity or security as our concept, this advertisement explores BOTH.

What I find interesting in this simple advertisement, is the way identity is represented. Ultimately, I think the advertisement reveals a corporate mindset where each individual is reduced to a mere number. In this add in particular, our identity is defined by a Tax File Number! Are we identified by businesses by how much money we have as customers?

Meanwhile, security does not refer to emotional stability or physical security. Rather, the term ‘security’ refers to the secrecy of our bank details!

Thus, what makes this add evocative is the bold use of the terms ‘identity’ and ‘security’: two broad terms that can be used in many different ways. Initially we are shocked by the rhetorical question, ‘Is your identity secure’, as we think the terms ‘identity’ and ‘security’ refer to our physical or emotional wellbeing. It is the simplicity of the graphics that caught my attention. From the entire shelf of postcards, I instantly focused on this postcard, as the white background allows the text to pop out of the page.

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