My Mash up – Separating and fusing ‘Technology’ and ‘Art’

‘The Future of Art’ explores the use of technology to create art. Yet ironically the Romantics used art and literature to oppose technological development and industrialisation in the early 20th century. Thus, my mash up separates the terms ‘art’ and ‘technology’ to highlight the conflicts between industrialisation and Romanticism; technology and art.

The black and white frames of Frankenstein’s monster, the iconic Metropolis tower and the robotic Brigitte from ‘Metropolis’ symbolise early 20th century modernism and industrialisation, where technology was exploited for human benefits.

These monochromatic frames are juxtaposed with the vibrant Romantic paintings by Aivazovsky and Church, reflecting the conflict between technology and art in the early 20th century. The Romantics claimed that scientific endeavour transgressed natural boundaries and oppressed the individual.

The last frames of Franke’s ‘Spatial Sound Sculpture’ mirrors today’s fusion of technology and art, where technology encourages self expression and creativity.

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